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SERNEC (SouthEast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections) is a consortium of 233 herbaria in 14 states in the Southeast USA. Our aim is to provide herbarium specimen images and metadata from one of the most botanically diverse regions of the earth with the goal of facilitating better research, better management planning and a more well-informed public. These data span 150 years of botanical information housed in herbaria in the Southeast and are vital to studies in biodiversity, evolution, ecology and systematics. We are also working to link our efforts with those of other regional herbarium groups and with the National Resource for Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections, iDigBio. This site is brought to you in collaboration with the SEINet Network. Please send questions or comments to the portal manager.
SERNEC is currently funded by the National Science Foundation as a Thematic Collections Network with the goal of digitizing an additional 4 million specimens from the southeast United States. As part of this effort we are partnering with CyVerse for image archiving and access.
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The National Science Foundation
This project made possible by National Science Foundation Award 1410069