Authors: Elizabeth Makings
Citation: Makings, E 2006. Flora of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. Desert Plants Vol. 22(2); 104 pp. Makings, E 2003. Flora of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, Cochise County, Arizona. M. S. Thesis, Arizona State University, Tempe
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Families: 90
Genera: 363
Species: 637
Total Taxa (details): 646

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rocky outcrop, rare, first state record; Elizabeth Makings 1299 [ASU]
New species under study (Nori Benet-Pierce, 2014); original identification was C. fremontii
recent addition to the flora, originally identified as C. fremontii; Liz Makings 4720a [ASU]
historical collection from 1958; L. N. Goodding 674-58 [ARIZ]
new state record; small local population; Elizabeth Makings 1402 [ASU]
Rocky outcrops/Chihuahuan Desert Scrub, infrequent; Elizabeth Makings 1480 [ASU]
Rocky outcrops, rare, only known from one population in Charleston Hills east; Elizabeth Makings 1463 [ASU] , Elizabeth Makings 1523 [ASU]
appeared in October 2016 at Fairbank Cemetery and environs; Liz Makings 4990a [ASU]