Pentachaeta bellidiflora Greene
Family: Asteraceae
White-rayed pentachaeta
not available
Plants 6-17 cm. Stems simple or with 1-2 primary branches, glabrous or sparsely hirsuto-pilose. Leaf blades linear, 8-45 × ca. 1 mm (glabrous or margins ciliate). Involucres campanulate. Phyllaries in 2-3 series, elliptic to obovate, glabrous. Ray florets 5-16; corollas white, sometimes reddish-tinged abaxially, laminae 3-6 mm. Disc florets 16-38; corollas yellow, narrowly funnelform, not contracted at lobes, lobes 5. P appi usually of 5 bristles slightly or not dilated at bases, rarely 0. 2n = 18. Flowering Mar-May. Grassy, rocky areas; of conservation concern; 0-700 m; Calif. Pentachaeta bellidiflora grows in the San Francisco Bay region.

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